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Blogging Tips from WebMaster-Success

Blogging Tips from WebMaster-Success

How To Improve SEO For Your Site Without Buying Links

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 07:12 AM PDT

Article Written By: Guest Blogger - April 20th, 2013 09:12 AM
Post Category    SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has lots of guidelines, rules and affecters. One thing that will affect your SEO in a significant way is links. The most powerful links come from other websites (other domains), and this is the reason that lots of people buy links. The problem is that there are only very few circumstances where Google will find this acceptable. In Google's eyes, almost all of links should be organic. They should have been created by other people in order to identify the significance of your website. If they find out that you are buying links then they will often punish your website or simply remove it from their search engine results.

SEO without links

It is not very difficult for a computer program to figure out if you are buying links. If you think about it, the commonalities in your own links and the links purchased by other people are going to be glaringly obvious to an empirically based computer program. So, here are a few ways to improve your SEO without having to buy links.

Upload unique content on a regular basis

This is one of the oldest search engine fuels. The point is not about the content; it is more about new and unique content. Obviously, modern search engines have to account for the fact that some information that is relevant now will be relevant in a few months, years, decades and even millennia (if we consider gospel literature).

So, if you upload good, usable and unique content, then it will always count in your favor. But, uploading new and unique content on a regular basis is going to help to increase your SEO, because search engines consider new information more relevant and useful than old data.

The theory is based upon the theory that we stand on the shoulders of giants as we progress, even though philosophers such as Nassim Taleb claim that modern research is nothing more than a curation and dilution of facts (think about that the next time you are reading an article that have been re-written innumerate times).

Create URLS and stick with them for a long time

Your domain is your original website name, and a URL is used to create other pages that contain the domain name and then a bit extra to identify the web page. Pick and choose them carefully for two reasons. Firstly, if you start deleting them here and there, then eventually you are going to have error 404s appearing everywhere. It is not good for your SEO if you have Google pointing at several pages that do not exist.

Furthermore, if you keep your URLs for longer, then they grow in credibility in the eyes of Google. Google will pay more attention to older web pages than newer web pages. For the website and subsequent web pages to have been maintained for such a long time, the search engines assume it must hold something of importance. For that matter, if you update your pages on a semi-routine basis, then you will increase their SEO value.

Update your web pages on a regular basis

If you do this then Google will perceive your website as well maintained and therefore useful and so will rank it higher up the search engine results pages.

Stick with one domain name for a long time

The older domain names will always rank higher than the newer ones. This is especially true if the pages or the domain has been updated regularly throughout the years.

Create content that people will link to

If your content is good or useful enough then people will link to it and your SEO value will go up.

Do an on-page SEO audit of your website

This is a simple process where you go through your website and check that it is conforming to all current SEO guidelines. It will help you to identify where your website is weak and where you are doing well.

Have ten keywords in each web page's Meta keyword tag

Just having one or two may seem like a good idea, but Google is aware that more than two or three keywords are going to be present in a website. In addition, if you only have two or three in your Meta tags, then you are clearly not using all possible synonyms.

Add meaningful titles to each web page and have keywords embedded within

The titles will draw people onto your site, and the keywords will help to rank your pages a lot higher up the search engine results pages.

Create SEO friendly URLs for each web page

Each URL needs to be both SEO friendly and user friendly. You should have keywords in the URL instead of just page numbers and symbols. One or two readable keywords are all you need for a reasonable SEO benefit.

My name is Robert. I represent the web-site worldsystems, which can help you to solve all problems with software development and SEO.

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How To Increase Your Blog Following

Posted: 20 Apr 2013 06:52 AM PDT

Article Written By: Guest Blogger - April 20th, 2013 08:52 AM

Post image for How To Increase Your Blog Following

There is no point in having a great blog if no one reads it. It's not enough to simply write your heart out and expect everyone to take notice. You need to drive people to your blog.

You need to tell the world and his dog about your blog and the people that you drive there? Well you need to get them to come back again, to follow your posts and keep up to date with what you are doing.

There are a number of different ways that you can achieve this, some are so simple they are practically common sense methods. For example the best way to spark an interest in your blog is to make regular posts; keep it updated so that the content is always fresh.

The best way to keep on top of the regularity of your posts is to set yourself a writing/posting schedule. Make a plan and make sure that you stick to it.

Blogs that are updated regularly get much more traffic than blogs that are only updated occasionally. A new post once or twice a week should be enough to see your blog following start to grow. It is all well and good to promise a new post every day, but it can be hard to accomplish.

Take Your Blog Into The Real World

When most writers think about attracting followers they think only in terms of online marketing and the online traffic that it generates. Start thinking about the real world possibilities. Make sure that all of your friends, neighbours and work colleagues know about your writing as they can help spread the word too.

If you have a niche blog try contacting your local newspapers to see if you can submit articles to them that are also relevant to your blog, and include a link to your blog at the bottom of your piece.

Incentives and offers are also a great way to get followers and get people involved in the life of your blog. You could host a monthly giveaway or have a follower of the month incentive programme.

Solidify Your Profile

Every time you post a comment on someone else's blog, your Gravatar and a link to your profile/blog will be posted next to your name. Make sure that you fill out your profile to look as interesting as possible as this will make people want to see what you are all about. Include links to your blog or other web pages that you have in there and come up with a really memorable tag line.

Make connections with other bloggers, comment on their posts and make them real comments, not just a link to your own. Say something interesting or useful, their followers will read their blog regularly and see your comments and hopefully follow the link back to your blog.

Guest Blogging

Many blog sites open up their blogs to guest bloggers, once your blog has been posted on their site you have the opportunity to grab referral traffic from your link or signature at the bottom. This works two ways: you promote your guest post on your own blog and include a link which is a great method of cross blog promotion.

In all of the cross promotions that you do you are working towards building and solidifying your brand, creating a real and memorable online presence, over time develop a tag line that you use on all of your posts as well as a logo so that you and your work becomes instantly identifiable, this logo and tagline should also be used on any social networking sites that you belong to, and of course everything should link back to your blog.

About Author: Laura Ginn is the owner of writing company, Ink Elves.  She knows that owning a blog site can present a number of challenges, not only in keeping the content fresh and updated but also in growing a reliable band of followers. However she recommends that one of the best ways to accomplish this is with unique and well written blog content that people simply want to read.

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It is tricky and I think every possible strategy should be used to gather more followers and loyal readers. Of course there are not shortcuts and it takes a lot of time and hard work.

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How To Start A Website On A Budget

Posted: 18 Apr 2013 07:24 PM PDT

Article Written By: Kharim Tomlinson - April 18th, 2013 09:24 PM


Would you believe it if I told you that I started out online with only $0.00 and now I am making $XXX.xx from this blog?

Really hard to believe isn’t it?

Well the truth is, I’m not lying and it took a lot of work to reach where I am today.

Starting a blog with a low budget may be challenging for many but it can work. I started with $0.00 and today I am making lots of profit from my blog.

How I Created A Blog With A Low Budget

First of all, I didn’t start with this blog. I had a few other sites and sad to say that I didn’t know what I was doing so all of those sites failed.

I first had a simple mobile site, it was a chatroom for mobile phone users. I then had a website catering to dog owners. I had static websites on various topics. I even had a forum.

All of those sites that I had were on free hosts. I was a newbie to creating websites and had no money to pay for hosting.

But what I did was to place a few ads on my other sites. I made a few bucks, saved it up and then I started this blog.

I had less than $100 to make this blog a success and I am happy to say that it is on that way to success.

Creating A Website On A Budget

Let’s say you have $100 to start your website or blog, what are the things that you would purchase?

Write down the things that you would get for your website or blog.

How many things would you buy for to start that site?

Would you purchase 3 things to start? 4 Things? Or 5 things?

Well for me, I would only purchase 2 things to start my site. I would purchase a domain name for my site and also reliable hosting.

This is the exact same thing that I did. Domain for 1 year cost on an average $10 and for host per month is about $5, $10, or more…(depending on the hosting package that you choose). I purchased hosting for about 6 months. I build on my blog, work with the other free resources that I had, made a few more bucks and this is how I got to where I am today.

Use Coupons With Your Budget

couponsWhen you are ready to start your blog with whatever budget that you have, why not search for coupons online to help you stretch your money a little further.

Using coupons can save you a great deal in having to spend much money and you can also get other things that you need to carve your website the way that you want it.

What you can do is find some coupon codes site and see if there are any coupons which you can use to help cut back on your spending.

People even use coupons to in supermarkets, in a clothes store and other places, so why not use it online to help you start your site.

Low Budget Means Little… OR No Advertising Opportunities

In order to make money from this blog I knew I had to get traffic to it. But with a low budget, how would I able to advertise my blog so that I can let people know that I have created a blog?

Well this is where guest blogging and blog commenting comes in.

Guest posting and blog commenting plays a big role when it comes to getting targeted traffic to your blog. One thing that you should keep in mind when doing both is to do it on a regular basis.

If you only do one guest post per month or only one comment on a blog per day, then you wouldn’t get the real results that you want to see. You have to be constantly doing these things (guest posting and blog commenting).

Write the best quality guest posts as well and leave a link or two back to your blog. When commenting, leave up-building comments and also reply to your comments when you do a guest post.

In Conclusion…

No matter how low your budget is, you can still create a blog or website, work on building it up and making it successful.

If you need a blog you can check out my free blog installation services and I will help you to create one and work with the budget that you have.

Recent Comment

jackie S

Thank you for this article. Many of my friends always ask me do you need a job to start a blog/website? They ask me if they need to know how to code or if they need programming skills. I told them no. However, owning a domain name, hosting, and internet connection is required and its not expensive.

I remember starting out blogging in the past. I knew I could afford all the above but getting the right niche and content for my clients or readers was the most challenging thing ever. As of today, I am still challenged since I am a photographer who offers a photo booth rental services. What can I blog that will bring my value to my readers.

I really like you blogs and I've subscribed! I am here to learn more.

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A Review Of Payday Mansion

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 09:21 AM PDT

Article Written By: Guest Blogger - April 16th, 2013 11:21 AM

Basics about PaydayMansion

If not for payday loans companies, many citizens would have been without cash injections needed in the end of month. Affiliate marketing, even more than other sorts of marketing helps this industry to grow and reach more customers. Payday loans affiliate programs are growing at a very high pace in the United States. According to Pew Research approximately 13 million Americans have turned for payday loans in 2011. This makes this industry very appealing.

There are many companies that sell payday loan leads. The best company that is an the top-of-the-top expert in payday loan market is PaydayMansion. It helps customers to get the widest range of payday loans. It also remunerates its affiliates with the best rate of commission for the traffic generated.

Large profits

Each experienced webmaster seems to have many irons in the fire. Almost no affiliate programme may ensure its affiliates to earn so much money as they do not cooperate with any other program at the same time. But if decided to cooperate with PaydayMansion that sells only payday loans leads, affiliates pick the best and the hottest iron nugget, with the largest profits for the traffic generated. If everything is done well, you may not be required to do much to get it.

Landing Pages and many other tools

The best payday loan affiliate program is committed to giving the best marketing tools to its affiliates. And so does PaydayMansion. Our webmasters may use lots of landing pages, but also banners, pay-per-click campaigns, popups and pop-unders. In some cases you may be allowed to use social media, job advertising pages to promote the offer, but you first need to contact our affiliate manager.


Sample landing page


Sample landing page


Sample landing page

Banners are used to redirect users from Internet to your landing page. At this stage they need to complete all brackets and apply for a payday loan. This is how traffic is generated. Later on we verify the lead, and if it is OK, it will be added to your traffic.


Bulk site generator

Mobile apps – how to make more money

You can reach more customers, even if they do not use personal computers or laptops. The hope is in mobile Internet traffic. It is sure that in few years they will become the best source of traffic. Be the first and make use of this fact. We have prepared a special application for iPhone and Android. If you generate and distribute mobile links among friends and relatives you may earn more money on commission.


Generating new mobile app links

Your opinion? – we are all ears.

The whole idea and design of PaydayMansion works, only thanks to opinion of our webmasters. We have collected all information from long and very long conversations with experienced webmasters. We also consult some changes and updates, basing on their opinion. Still, all we are about and all the money you get is only thanks to you.

Some facts about Members Area

Members Area is the restricted area that can be accessed by us and our webmasters. Webmasters can watch there their statistics and all info about earnings.

Signing up is very short and it takes few minutes. In the first stage of the procedure we will ask you about your details: name and surname, address of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, URL. We will also ask for marketing methods you feel the best in.

The dashboard is very handy in use. Its design is logical and user-friendly. Here, in the picture below, you can find all types of setting and options you can use.


Affiliate platform

You can use ICQ, e-mail or Skype to contact our team.


Summary report

Reporting and Money Transfers.

In the dashboard you can find and analyze statistics about your traffic and income from this traffic. It is good to know where, why and how you make money.

In the reports section you can generate global reports, as well as performance statistics. You can also find reports about referrals, redirect reports, track installs and errors. All done in order to give you information, make the traffic better, spend less time and make more cash.

Reports – Dashboard


We pay commission to our affiliates every fourteen days. Fourteen days is one of provisions that are included in affiliate agreement. All payments are cleared by PayPal and WMZ. In some cases (depending on payment method) we may be forced to hold the payment. Hold period may be sometimes shortened. If you make big traffic and great money, we may send you money more often.

Remember that you can boost your earnings with PaydayMansion mobile applications. The best webmasters who cooperate with us from the very first day of our operations, and get ancillary traffic from mobile devices can earn as much as 2-4k USD per day. It is not a trick, it's real.

Bet all on one programme.

If you do not have time to deal with several affiliate programmes and you want to spend your time with one programme focused on one group of customers, you should join PaydayMansion. With our expertise, marketing support, and good commission, you can get the highest commission in the industry.

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Hi kharim.. Well information! Especially the video is very easy to understand and you did a great job also.

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Internet Marketing Tips For The New Generation

Posted: 15 Apr 2013 08:47 AM PDT

Article Written By: Katie Elizabeth - April 15th, 2013 10:47 AM
Post Category    Guest Post

internet marketing

Are you a small business owner that caters to those in their teens or 20s? Maybe you operate a website and your market spans a wide range of ages, from 16-year-olds to retirees. Your Internet marketing tactics have to be tweaked to directly address what younger generations want. Since you’re probably not in your teens yourself, this will take a little adjustment.

The younger your market is, the shorter their attention span. This means your marketing tactics have to quickly grab them and speak to them in just a few seconds. Otherwise, you risk losing them and an entire market. Internet marketing isn’t quite like traditional marketing, so here's a cheat sheet on snagging that younger audience.

This Is Boring

Even if you operate a blog about something exciting like running pool races or regional upcoming concerts, you still have to play entertainer. You need to be in marketing mode when designing and updating your website, blogging, posting on social media and email blasting. The true, yet sad, fact is that fewer people are reading so you need to change your approach.

Younger generations especially like video marketing. However, just because you put your message into video format does not automatically make it interesting. Try turning on MTV, even if you haven’t watched it for years. It's the uber-short clips, shaky cams and taglines that make it appealing to younger generations.

What's In It for Me?

Internet marketing is about selling your products and services or gaining readership. This means you have to offer something of real value to your audience. The key phrase here is "real value." You need to figure out what your younger audience values and offer that in exchange for their business or readership.

This might mean offering a steep discount only to your Facebook followers or even providing a giveaway. If you’re operating a monetized blog, this will require you to give true entertainment that younger audiences really enjoy. If this is the case, consider a focus group or research study to determine the right direction. Ideally, you can hire or contract a marketing pro with a proven track record of marketing products geared towards younger demographics.

What About Those Email Blasts?

Email blasts are largely deleted right away or even filtered. The chances of many teens actually reading your emails are slim. Instead, approach them on their territory: social media sites. This is where you can engage this demographic on their level, which is what they want.

Anytime you’re investing time and energy into Internet marketing efforts that don’t work, you’re wasting money. Just because email blasts have been around forever doesn’t mean they’re still the right tactic. Keep tabs on how much business you're getting from email blasts and act accordingly. That time can always be spent on better endeavors.

Respect is Paramount

It's easy and natural for site owners to talk down to younger generations, even if they don’t mean to. You want to give advice and help steer them on the right path (like buying that new product). However, just like anyone else, teens and young adults respond to being respected and being treated like equals. Keep in mind, in this scenario, you need them — and it's not the other way around.

You might clearly remember those awkward high school days and some themes (like finding yourself) never end. However, younger generations are much more in tune with technology and are used to instant gratification. Ensure that your site works on every platform, which requires testing and maintenance every few months. If you dedicate yourself to serving younger demographics and thinking from their perspective, you’ll be on the fast track to securing this large and important group.

About the Author

Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator. She loves writing about tech, social media, careers, business and more on her blog, BlogKick. She also loves writing for the web – follow her most recent posts on her Twitter account.

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Amazing and so nice post. This is really so informative. I got a lot of information from your this post.Thanks for share.

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How To Get Your Content Removed From Scraper Sites

Posted: 10 Apr 2013 08:31 AM PDT

Article Written By: Chris Dyson - April 10th, 2013 10:31 AM
Post Category    SEO

scraped content

The past couple of years have seen an increasing amount of algorithmic penalties being handed out by Google which have changed the look of their search results drastically. First we had Google Panda which algorithmically lowers the search visibility of sites filled with low quality content, whether this is scraped or spun content or just thin pages full of boilerplate text and ads. Then in April 2012 we had Google Penguin which algorithmically lowers the search visibility of sites with links from low quality content and heavy exact match anchor text.

Image credit: adactio

I’m not going to get into a debate about whether or not these updates were a good or a bad thing but we have to accept the facts that with the recent news that Panda updates will now be automatically rather than manually rolled out and that Penguin 2.0 is on the horizon it's fair to assume these spam fighters are here to stay.

Since the first iterations of Panda I had clients whose blogs were being outranked by websites who had scraped their content and were not being attributed by Google as the original source of the document. I am not talking about syndication which is a normal part of the web, where there exists an agreement between webmasters; but people who steal your content without any permission or attribution. Now that we have Penguin to add to the mix I am seeing websites that steal your content and then link back to you causing problems too.

Many webmasters will add internal links to pages on their sites with the anchor text they want that page to rank for. This in itself is not a huge issue however if you then get a few dozen scraper sites stealing your content and then linking to your web pages using the same anchor text you can soon find that your site is in trouble.

Cleaning Up Scraped Content

When I get people coming to me looking for help with a ranking penalty I handle it in a very process oriented way. I'm sure other people may have their own opinions on the steps to take to remove pages which are stealing your content.

This is the exact process I use for cleaning up scraped content for my clients.

1.       Find out who is Scraping from Your Website

There are a number of paid and free tools out there which you can begin to use to find out who is copying your content. I always suggest you start by checking the links to your website.

Google Webmaster Tools is entirely free and provides you with a list of links that are pointing to your website, Bing also provide you with free access to links they find pointing to your site too. If there aren’t enough links being shown in Webmaster Tools then it might be worth investing in a link analysis package such as ahrefs or MajesticSEO to help you, I like to download the links into an Excel file or Google Docs.

The next step is to copy a unique sentence from a web page with a lot of links to it and then search for that sentence in Google with quotes.

google search copied content

If someone is copying your content make a note of it on your spreadsheet and move on to the next one, it is also a good idea to make a note of any contact pages or emails too.

(This is a labour intensive process so it may be more cost effective to hire an outsource on oDesk or Elance to do this data entry for you.)

2.       Make Contact with the Scrapers

I always try to contact the webmaster to either remove the content; if it is a high quality site and a writer has stolen my article to pass off as their own work then I might ask the webmaster to remove the content in question and replace it with a new version rewritten by me. You can easily find out the quality of a site with a plugin such as SEOQuake.

If you can’t find an email address, social media accounts or contact form on the website concerned then use a whois lookup tool to find their contact information.

3.       File  a DMCA Request

I always use this option as a last resort mainly because I believe in being a good web citizen. I find that if people are doing something wrong it is better to ask them to stop or try to educate them than simply hit them with legal notices straight away. Some webmasters however will refuse or even ignore you if this is the case then I will file a complaint with their web host and/or Google.

The best tool I have found to find out a web host of a site is, simply add the domain of the site concerned into the search box and in a matter of seconds it will give you the hosting provider's name and web address so you can raise a DMCA complaint.

In your DMCA request make sure you provide details of the web page you want removing, the web page which has stolen your content and details of any attempts you have tried to make to resolve the issue with the webmaster directly.

Many web hosts will take action within a matter of hours and in some cases they will remove the whole site until the scraped content is removed.

Have you ever had someone scrape your content, what did you do about it? I’d love to talk about this in the comments below.

Recent Comment


To be well optimization of your website in search engine, you must have to possess quality updated content which helps your website ranking a lot. If anyone copied your valuable content then just follow the steps as said above to remove it.

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Checklist For Choosing The Right Niche For Your Blog

Posted: 08 Apr 2013 02:33 PM PDT

Article Written By: Guest Blogger - April 08th, 2013 04:33 PM

niche checklist

Blogging is all about sharing information, data, thoughts and opinions. Apart from this, blogging to a large extent is being used to make name and money these days. Not being concerned about whom your blog is directed towards is ok until you have a personal blog. In case where you are willing to monetize your knowledge through your blog, it is profoundly important for you to be considered about your target audience and create a blog accordingly.

You must and should be crystal clear about which niche you pick for your blog before you think of churning cash out of your blog. A blog that seems to be into everything and anything may seem like a mediocre blog to your target traffic, thus repelling your prospects. One needs to choose his/her blog's niche with vision and wisdom as the niche chosen can determine the future of the blog and the blogger alike.

Here is a short checklist that can help you choose the right blogging niche for yourself –

Is it of your kind?

This I believe is the first and foremost question you should ponder upon when the niche of your blog is in question. Like I mentioned earlier, the essence of blogging is sharing information.

How much information would you know and learn about a niche that you are not genuinely interested in? And how much can you share?

The best choice would be something you are passionate about and know best about. Avoid going for a niche only because it is in vogue and can make you immense money. Nothing can make you money unless you do it with full heart.

How is the competition?

You better not go for a niche that is beaten to death. Choose a niche that has reasonable completion. If you come across a niche that has minimal competition you tend to perceive that it is the one you need.

But hay! Chances are that, that particular niche is not in demand and hence there are quite a few or no blogs on it. Hence, before conclude that a niche is right for you in terms of competition, research a bit more about it to see how much traffic it can generate for you.

How much is the niche's endurance?

Considering the competition in each niche, and Google's ranking algorithm, a blog need to be roughly alteast one year old in order to start earning well.

What if the niche itself gets obsolete within that 1 year? What would you write about and share with the world when they are no more interested in the niche?

Always choose a niche that has long term scope and high sustenance power. A topic that can go out of vogue in the near future may not be fetching you in the long run.

For instance, having a blog about world's economy could be a better choice than one talking about the 2008 global recession; because the later would go out of people's interest within a year or two unlike the former can be of continuous interest.

Level of knowledge

If you’d like to be a pro of your niche, you should improve the level of your knowledge, in order to choose right niche for your blog. If you choose wrong niche means it will kill your interest slowly. So you should know what all the things work and what not, you should collect the relevant information and research about topics befor choose the right niche.

Do not follow others

If you follow others means, its totally like blind trying to walk on the roads which is full of heavy traffic. For example, If someone start a Finance related niche and succeed over it, do not blindly start finance niche related topics. Undersand the concept that those people may be good at finance niches and they succees. So you should start a niche according tointerest, if you’re good at social media related stuffs, you can start social media related topics based blog instead following finance blog.

Blogging is not at all easy task, you should sacrifice your time and knowledge to give rich informations to readers, so before start blog, follow these tips to avoid minimal mistakes.

About The Author: Tim Wilson works as content manager for HostPapa, a web hosting Canada company serving over 100,000 customers. Since launching in 2006, HostPapa has offered reliable, budget-friendly, easy-to-use Canadian web hosting solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

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yes niche play major role and acquires important position for any online business, your post is so informative thanks for sharing with us..

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How To Incorporate A Charity

Posted: 07 Apr 2013 06:35 AM PDT

Article Written By: Guest Blogger - April 07th, 2013 08:35 AM
Post Category    Guest Post

Many charities start out as a neighborhood effort or a grass roots movement to provide support to people, animals or the environment. But when any worthwhile activity grows, there will come a time when the organization will need leaders, paid volunteers, phones, a website, and other support. This means fundraising. But in order to legally accept tax-deductible donations as a charity, you must first incorporate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Do Your Research

The first steps will involve setting up the basics of your organization. You will need to decide on a name. Before filing for a 501(c) or even a fictitious name statement, go to the secretary of state website for your state and search for the name. Make a note of any identical or similar names. Many charitable organizations fail, and some are involved in perpetual lawsuits—you do not want your organization to be mistaken for another or you could waste a lot of time and money extricating your organization from problems caused by mistaken identity.

You will also need a board of directors, and a registered agent with a physical address where the incorporation records will be stored. The secretary of state website, or your state department website, will have the necessary forms and full instructions on how to incorporate your charity.

Draft a detailed mission statement. The first paragraph of your mission statement should be your "boilerplate" message—a brief statement that describes your purpose and your desired goals. You will be able to recycle this statement in all your marketing and fundraising activities. The rest of your mission statement should read like a business plan. Outline the specific steps you will take to achieve your goals—funding, grants, staffing, marketing, transportation and so on. This work will pay off when you begin to apply for grants, but it is also an important first step toward knowing what you will need in your charitable corporation bylaws.

Apply for Status as a Corporation

Before you can apply for 501(c) status as a tax-exempt charity, you must first complete all the filings and paperwork necessary to exist as a corporation. Forms and instructions for incorporation are available online, but you should also enlist professionals to help you draft your articles of incorporation.

Any organization that awards grants will require a copy of your articles of incorporation and federal tax number before they’ll accept your application.

Apply for 501(c) Status

Apply to the IRS for 501(c) tax-exempt status within 27 months of incorporating. The application is lengthy (about 30 pages). For this step, you will want to seek the advice and review of an attorney, particularly if you incorporated with online forms and without legal help.

Your mission statement will be important for this step as the application is very detailed and will inquire about your structure, your finances, and your religious and political creeds.

Be sure to keep all organization minutes up to date and the corporation records in good order, as charities are frequently challenged for one reason or another.


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Charity is a good characterstic.It is very needed in any domain.Many charities start out as a neighborhood effort or a grass roots movement to provide support to people, animals or the environment. But when any worthwhile activity grows, there will come a time when the organization will need leaders, paid volunteers, phones, a website, and other support. This means fundraising. But in order to legally accept tax-deductible donations as a charity, you must first incorporate as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.these are really good information!!

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